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August 2019


This summer’s offerings encompass a nice little variety pack of solo shows in the northwest including house concerts, libraries, a a wine bar, and an outdoor concert with the Portland Cello Project. In the fall, look for a more autumnal assortment of musical musings. Details are listed on the Gigs page. I hope to see you at some of these shows and, in the meantime, enjoy the nice long days and fresh berries.

New Toy

For starters - here's a brand new tune for your listening pleasure. It's called New Toy ." Why" you may (or may not) ask? Because it;s so much fun to play that it feels like a new toy.  


Licensing: As American (Express) as Apple (Pie)

My performance schedule ebbs and flows. Along the way I’ve been fortunate to get my music licensed by various entities. Here are a couple of recent ones:

Apple (the company, not the fruit) just used one of my tunes for an Instagram ad. That and $6000 will get you a new Mac Pro. Spook  - the tune in the ad - seems like a perfect title for a collaboration between Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg. Let’s get Jeff Bezos in there to help monetize this baby - then we only need one more prominent, power-hungry authoritarian in on this to round out the four horseman of the apocalypse. Does anyone come to mind? I love a good rhetorical question, don’t you?

Moving right along, American Express recently licensed a recording I made with Caravan Gogh of a tune called Assanhado. It’s quite peppy!

And most recently, the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company just created a new piece featuring some of my music. So keep your pies eeled for that if you are in the Capitol District (upstate NY). 

I have several library gigs lined up - something that’s been a mainstay over the years. It’s surprising to me how much I enjoy playing in these literary locales. Perhaps it’s the thrill (?) of being loud in a traditionally quiet place, or the comfortable serenity of being surrounded by books. Maybe it’s because librarians are so dern friendly. In any case, it’s a calm and welcoming and the shows are free to the public. 


Concerts are listed on the Gigs page. Sound clips from CDs and samples audio from sheet music available at the store.

Have an exceptional day.

- Gideon

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