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March 2017


Spring is returning to the northwest leaving me no choice but to go farther northwest.
Alaska - swimming pools… movie stars. The astute reader will note that this is not my first Beverly Hillbillies reference.


New EP

The Portland Cello Project has a brand new Alaska-themed EP called Spring Breakup: Songs for Alaska, which was an idea that came out of conversation with our friends at the Anchorage Concert Association that inspired a potential musical accompaniment for the otherworldly sound of the ice breaking. The idea was to compose a soundtrack for the time of year our friends in The Last Frontier call Breakup. So PCP decided to make this our "breakup album" - even though we are still one big happy family.

The album is a collection of tunes I co-wrote with ex-Anchorage local singer/songwriter Annalisa Tornfelt for Portland Cello Project. It's considerably more hummable and toe tapping than ice melting but, we hope, just as transportive. The new EP will be officially released on March 14.

Pre-sales are available now at the CelloBop store for $10.


It's not supposed to snow in Portland. When it does, people go a little crazy. Here's the proof. This is a video of a song from our new EP which we filmed during Portland's recent snowpocalypse. Despite the, surroundings it is a decidedly warm sunny song.

Pep and Sway Video


Alaska Premiers

We have exciting shows planned in Alaska including collaborations with the Alaska Cello Intensive Choir in Fairbanks, and then in Anchorage with The Momentum Dance Collective, and Anchorage local Kat Moore.

March 5, 2017 - Fairbanks, AK The Fairbanks Concert Association Hering Hall
- featuring The Alaska Cello Intensive Cello Choir led by Mary Walters

March 11 2017 - Anchorage, AK The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
- featuring Kat Moore, and the Momentum Dance Collective


Music For Film

I composed a soundtrack for the documentary film, "Agnes Martin: before the Grid". In March and April there will be showing in NM, CO and WA.
To learn more about this film and see an excerpt, visit

I also just finished composing the soundtrack for a feature length film called, Clocking The T. It will be a while before it is released - stay tuned.



Concerts are listed on the Gigs page.

See you in Alaska. Brrrring mittens!


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