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March 2019


It’s been cold and snowy in Portland lately. The kids are thrilled to have snow days and I’m… happy for them. Since cello is mostly an indoor sport, I’ve been content to practice while watching my yard turn white and shake with dismay. Or wait, am I just looking in the mirror? I love snow, but mostly when I can play in it. For that I still must go to the mountain. But this is only enough to be a nuisance - or a snow day.


This Saturday March 2nd, I am playing a house concert in Portland with my friend Ji on drums and percussion. There may be a couple seats remaining and if you care to attend, click these links for Info and to reserve seats.

You can also watch the show live on the interwebs starting at 7:30pm PST on Saturday at Concert Window 

On the March 23rd, I am accompanying the 1929 German silent melodrama, Pandora’s Box in Niles, CA at the Essanay Silent Film Museum at 7:30pm. Niles is a charming little enclave that is mysteriously tucked away in the midst of Fremont and it is the location of a studio where Bronco Billy and Charlie Chaplain made films in the 1910s.


I have revised my sheet music cello quartet for a tune called Vertigogh. It’s a big improvement and if you’ve been holding off on buying a copy of it, now is the time. Yeah, I’m talking to you Yo Yo Ma.

A Few More Words

Asparagus. Myopic. Recalcitrant. Ignominious. Serrated. Bastille.


Concerts are listed on the Gigs page. Sound clips from CDs and samples audio from sheet music available at the store.

You say goodbye and I say cello.


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