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October 2017

Greetings and happy autumn. It’s my favorite season and always has been. I get excited about all the projects I want to work on and invariably I get around to some of them.


I am going to spend the first week of October in Seattle collaborating once again with Bandaloop. They are a phenomenal dance company based in the Bay Area that dances on the sides of building and cliffs all around the world.  In the past few years we’ve worked together in North Carolina, Taiwan and Alabama. This time it’s much closer to home. We have shows at Meany Theatre at the University of Washington on Oct 5, 6 and 7 at 8pm. Tickets available HERE


On Oct 15th I’ll be opening for Loudon Wainwright III in Portland. I’ve been enjoying his music for over 3 decades - he is an amazing songwriter and performer. - truly captivating and one of a kind. He had a hit in the 1970s with a novelty song called "Dead Skunk” which was funny but didn’t foreshadow the depth and breadth of the songwriting he would do in the ensuing years. It’s an honor to open a show for him.

"Unraveling" CD Release Show - Nov 4

I have a CD Release Show at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland on Nov 4th. We will have many wonderful musical guests joining us including: Paper Bellows and the Shook Twins.

***Tickets are available HERE***

Unraveling is a duo album with the very talented Annalisa Tornfelt who sings and plays fiddle, guitar and a few other instruments. It was a a joy working together on this album and we are excited to share the music with you. 

Annalisa and I were asked to write a few songs together for a Portland Cello Project EP last winter. We continued collaborating and recorded this full length album. It’s is a cinematic recording with a sweeping range of sounds and moods. It will be available next month on CD and on LP (a limited run). More info about that to follow. In addition to playing the cello and piano, I debut the garden weasel and plan to incorporate more gardening tools into subsequent recordings.

Welcome to Fairbanks

When I arrived at the Fairbanks airport (at 11pm) I was greeted by 8 cellists set up in the baggage area playing Robin Hood Changes His Oil. That was one of those extraordinary moments that will stay with me for a long, long time.  I had the opportunity to work with them along with many other string players in the course of the week.


There are several terrible fires burning throughout Oregon and they get worse every year. Most heartbreaking to me is a fire that started almost a month ago in the Columbia River Gorge which has now consumed about fifty thousand acres of beautiful terrain filled with old-growth forests and trails that attract countless visitors every year. This particular fire was started by a careless teen with fireworks, making the damage even harder to bear. After an unseasonably hot and dry summer we are finally starting to get the rains that make the northwest a lush green wonderland. Unfortunately the burned areas are now expected to become hazardous landslides. 

It will be many years before before this area can recover (hundreds of years to produce old-growth) and even the interstate highway that runs through the gorge is likely to remain unsafe for quite some time. And in the backdrop are a string of colossally destructive hurricanes, earthquakes and all manner of geo-political nightmares. It might be a good time to crawl inside my cello.


Concerts are listed below. More info, gigs, vids, discs, sheet music, words and pics at

Happy 5778! Play nice and don’t play with fire.




That's all the news that printers fit. Have a nice day. Don't tangle with a grizzly bear.

Concerts are listed on the Gigs page.


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