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October 2019


At last it’s autumn - the season with a gratuitous “n” (like my last name). Such a special time of year, replete with fall colors, cool air and … Yom Kippur. It’s time to put the tone in atonement, and do it fast. Fast - man, I’m on a roll.


Being the early adapter that I am, I have just now created my own YouTube channel. Step aside Thomas Edison, there’s a new format catching on. And I have populated said channel with one video. It’s a 2 minute ditty I recently wrote called New Toy. Check it out and share it with 10,000 of your closest friends. And for cryin’ out loud, Like Me! (I mean that in a dispassionate “click here” internet sort of way, not a pathetic, needy, cloying way).

I recorded this one morning, posted the video on facebook (have you heard of facebook? It’s all the rage and nearly passé) and that posting had 2000 views in the next 24 hours. Now this isn’t something that would thrill Taylor Swift, but for a simple country boy like me it’s a real humdinger.

In my last newsletter I mentioned an Instagram ad created by Apple which used one of my tunes. That one has lots more views, but maybe that has more to do with Apple than me.

This Month

There’s a lot going on in CelloBoplandia this month: For starters I have a 5 days residency at the beautiful Maryhill Museum on the east side of the Columbia Gorge. The dramatic, arid landscape there is beautiful and feels like it’s a thousand miles from Portland.

On October 19th I’m excited to play a duo show with DANNY BARNES, the incredible singer, writer and banjo player. We’ll be at the Old Liberty Theatre in Ridgefield, WA a little north of Portland. Info and tickets here   

On the 20th I’m going kick back, sip some wine  and play at a small venue in Sellwood called the Corkscrew Wine Bar. 7pm. Chill.

On October 23rd I have another special and unique show called: 3 Cellos: Amplified and Multiplied. Sharing the evening are Skip vonKuske and Billy Mickelson and we’ll each do a solo loop-cello set. Singing may occur. Grooves will ensue. Unusual sounds are a certainty. This show is at The Hallowed Halls in SE Portland. Buy tix here

The 31st is Halloween and my plan is to sit in the shadows with my cello, playing creepy music and unnerving the neighborhood. Good clean fun! 


Concerts are listed on the Gigs page. Sound clips from CDs and samples audio from sheet music available at the store.


- Gideon

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