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February 2017


I'm just back from Hawaii, so I'm all, y'know, like whatever. Relaxed - that's the word I'm looking for. I'm just going to finish this Mai Tai, have a little nap and then I'll be back...

The tour was fabulous. The Portland Cello Project did several school outreach programs on Kauai and wrapped up the week with a concert at a beautiful Performing Arts Center. It's tough work, but someone's gotta do it.

The cold, wet Northwest is managing to snap me out of my complacency and I feel that B Positive blood being quickly replaced with Type A urgency.


This Month

This Saturday, February 11th, I am playing at the Broadway House Concerts in Eugene, OR at 7:30pm. There are still some seats available - call (541) 686-9270 to reserve your space. Food, drinks, a concert in a cozy living room - what's not to like?

Other than that, I'm forging ahead with recording projects and preparing for the next Portland Cello Project tour in Alaska next month. Alas, no snorkeling.



Concerts are listed on the Gigs page.

Book 'em Danno!


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