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April 2017


I am staying closer to home for the time being with Oregon shows in Portland, Corvallis and at the coast. Then I have another short northeast tour in May.

This Month

This Saturday, April 15th, I will be playing at Miz Kitty's Parlour, a vaudevillian show that is slightly naughty and always fun. Have no fear, clothing is mandatory. Showtime is 7pm.

On Thursday April 21 I am really excited to perform at the MAJESTIC THEATRE in Corvallis, OR. This a is a beautiful theatre in a college town that reminds me of my stomping ground back east. The show starts at 7:30 and there will be some surprise guests. Here is a colorful promo page for the event. Spread the word and don't miss this one! Tickets are available here.

Lastly, on the 26th, I am playing at the Driftwood Library in Lincoln City, OR on the coast. Bring a boat and a wetsuit and a winter jacket and reading glasses and a martini.


New EP

Spring Breakup, a new Portland Project EP, is available at here

It's a sweet collection of six Alaska themed tunes that I co-wrote with Annalisa Tornfelt. She has a beautiful voice, plays fiddle and we are supported by other cellists on this charming disc. Ten bucks, Charlie. We have a show on May 20th in Portland featuring these songs and much more..

What is an EP, you ask? EP (extended play) is like a single, but longer (usually 5-6 songs) but shorter than a CD which is an LP (long play - usually 10-12 songs). See… simple. So glad to clear that up. When CDs came out, albums got longer because the format could accommodate over 70 minutes. But they didn't get better, they just included more songs that would have otherwise been correctly left out. Less filler. A lot of my favorite albums from the 1960s clock in at about 35 minutes. My takeaway from all this is that music is more fun than math. Four out five dentists who chew gum agree.

All that aside, Spring Breakup a great group of tunes and for $10 you just can't miss.


High Finance

I get royalty checks every month which always include some comically minuscule amounts of payout.
This was the final entry on my most recent statement. I never realized I had such a dedicated following in the Southeast Asia.
__ $0.01 for Digital Distribution Sales through iTunes Apple - Vietnam
48 more like that and I can buy myself a first class stamp! Cảm ơn bạn.



Concerts are listed on the Gigs page.



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