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November 2018


I’ve been traveling a lot lately and I’m glad to be back home for a while. Most recently I was in Alaska which was the perfect way to inoculate myself against the cold weather steering this way. Maybe I should consider traveling again...

The Past

The Alaska tour was great. Annalisa Tornfelt and I revisited songs from our “Unraveling” album and also added some new material. We had the South High School string orchestra join us for one of our shows adding a lush accompaniment to a handful of songs. Annalisa grew up in Anchorage and it was nice to meet her homies and make new friends and fans. At the conclusion of the final show I stepped outside and saw the northern lights. It’s hard to find the words to describe it so I’ll have to settle for 'wicked cool'.

The Future

This Saturday November 17th I’m playing a live soundtrack to my favorite silent film - Buster Keaton’s The General. (This wasre-scheduled from last month). The showing is at the Masonic Lodge 176 NE 2nd, Hillsboro, OR and is is a benefit for Stages Performing Arts Youth Academy. Tickets are $20. For more info email:


Concerts are listed on the Gigs page. Sound clips from CDs and samples audio from sheet music available at the store.

Enjoy the great outdoors!


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