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June 2018

It's summer!

 Remember when people bought music - and actually listened to it - at home - through speakers - and wore bell-bottoms? There are still a lot of vinyl enthusiasts but they are a shrinking minority. I still like records for all kinds of reasons. They are fun. They are round. But they are also cumbersome and easily damaged - and mostly useless while taking a walk. Remember when people used to walk?

I have been making my living as a musician for 30 years and have been reflecting on it recently. Having studiously avoided the pitfalls of fame, I enjoy the luxury of making quirky, eclectic music that might be too risky for a high-profile act. Somehow I maintain a fairly regular performing schedule, I continue to record music (solo and collaborations), I publish sheet music and every so often I have music licensed for film or TV. Best of all the musical ideas keep on coming. And, of course, I still love taking walks, just like in the olden days.

This Month

I have a handful of shows at schools this month. It's a nice time of year to drive across the Columbia River Gorge or out to the coast and share my music with kids who would rather be outdoors. Maybe I’ll do my new show: "Beach Cello"


Workshop in Bend

I'm teaching a stringimprovisation workshop in Bend, OR on June 16th. info -,, 541-306-6768

Magnetic West

I recently came across this very nice review of a CD I made a couple of years ago with mandolinist Brian Oberlin. The album mostly stayed under the radar but I was pleased to see glowing comments about the music and  engineering. I've been honing my skills over the years. 

This part was really astounding: "The miking and recording of Oberlin’s mandolin is among the best I’ve ever heard. And this includes the true landmarks in mandolin recordings like David Grisman’s Tone Poem series."

If you want your very own disc, you can find it on the store page on my website. You can also buy a download or just stream it for free here. Alas, no vinyl.


That’s Sway It Is

Here's a video of the Alaska Cello Intensive in Fairbanks swaying and playing one of my waltzes. The camera work is a bit shaky but it nevertheless warms my heart. This is the same group that greeted me at the airport baggage claim with a live performance when I arrived in their fine city at 10 pm

I’ll be returning to Alaska in November


Concerts are listed on the Gigs page. Sound clips from CDs and samples audio from sheet music available at the store.

Enjoy the great outdoors!


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